Montreal, Portrait Photographer
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It’s hard to describe what our dogs mean to us.

They are our confidants, our best friends, & our soul mates.

Julia, Molly & Kaia

Hamilton Ontario, The Eva Effect Session

Molly came to us on boxing day. I picked her up and drove straight to work where she became a staple for several months until I started to work from home. Molly was very much the dog that we wanted. Kaia came a year ago when we realized that Molly was not going to get better and she was very much the dog we needed.

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“Erin, you have no idea what these photos mean to me. NO IDEA. I am fulling crying, and not in a pretty way – ugly crying, with big red eyes and a lot of gasping. Thank you so much for these gorgeous images of myself and my doglove. I am so grateful to be a part of your exquisite The Eva Effect.”
-Susan & Chloe