Hi! I'm Erin

To say that my dog, Eva May has changed my life, is an understatement. When we adopted her, she brought with her joy, happiness and gave me a new outlook on what's truly important.

I have loved animals all my life and when I was young had dreams of becoming an entomologist or a veterinarian. At any given time we always had at least two cats in my family home and I always knew in my heart that I wanted to work with animals in some capacity.

I worked for six years in the wedding and documentary family photography industry where I won a couple of awards and honed my photography knowledge and skills.
At the beginning of 2019 I finally decided that I was ready for a change.

The Eva Effect started from my love that I have for my dog, Eva May, and the feeling of love that I knew, other people feel for their dogs.

I can't wait to meet you next and capture the love you and your dog share!


Your story deserves to be told