Last spring I went to Florida to photograph Anna and her two dogs. I adored Einstein and Momo as soon as I met them and spent the week swimming with Einstein, taking them on walks with Anna and Kerry, and sharing my bed with the two sweetest dogs.

Anna and Kerry have since added a senior dog, Jack the corgi, to their family and are welcoming their baby girl this year too! They’re truly living their best lives and I’m so excited to be able to share part of their story with you.

We tried to be cat people once. We rescued four kittens and fostered them to adoption. We were going to keep one, and it just didn’t work out. They didn’t want to cuddle. I mean, Momo doesn’t want to cuddle but she at least puts up with it. Cat’s are very independent and I’m a very needy person. That’s probably why I’m a dog person. It’s like me and plants, I don’t what they want from me am I over watering you, am I under watering you, I want to understand. But dogs, I just get dogs.

We had looked on craigslist for weeks to see if there was an ad for corgi puppies and then one day we saw Einstein’s picture, a little red corgi. He looked like the dog from Cowboy Bebop. When I picked him up he just relaxed in my arms. I put him down again and this is when I knew that he was mine, his siblings were running around playing and all he wanted to do was sit by my feet and look at me.

Fast forward a year and a half and Einstein got terribly sick. He had meningitis. He had to be on prednisone, he was always hungry, his hair didn’t grow back in a lot of the places they had shaved him when they were doing tests on him. He lost lots of muscle mass in his face and he looked like a little old man. He had to be on a special diet and if he ate anything that wasn’t in his diet it would tear up his stomach. We thought maybe if we got him a sibling it would be good for him. When we got Sagin, she was the same size as Einstein and she was a redhead tri-corgi. She passed after only 3 years, in June of 2017. Einstein took it okay the first couple months but then he started getting really needy and really obnoxious and he wanted us to play with him all the time. So we decided we should get him another sibling.

When we put in for Momo – we had gone to three different breeders to find her.
Einstein is really picky about other dogs, we knew she’d have to be raised with him so they can get along. Shiba’s are really temperamental, they get very possessive and territorial so we knew we had to get him a puppy for the highest chance that they would get along.
When I brought her home, Einstein was like; What did you bring home? They started playing together and now they love each other. I joke that Momo is not anyone’s dog, she is Einstein’s dog.

Corgi’s are very eager to please, they’re working dogs, their breed has to have a job. Einstein’s job is to give me love and joy and comfort and he knows that, and I guess he protects the house.. from leaves! His personality is very different from Momo’s. He’s so outgoing and friendly and happy and he loves people and he just cuddles all the time. Einstein’s going to live forever. I don’t know what I’m going to do when he dies, probably never get another dog, that’s what’s going to happen.

Momo is so funny! The side eye and attitude she gives is like she’s saying; ‘I guess you can hug me..’ When she cuddles with me or lets me get close to her, it’s like a reward for me because she won’t always let you do that. She will catch the lizard that runs around the house. I needed a dog to rescue me from myself. Cause Einstein won’t! He would be like, why are you screaming? Are we playing a game? Whereas Momo’s like; I’ll get it!

Einstein loves the water, so when we looked at buying a house, I knew we had to get a pool. Yes, I wanted the pool for my underwater photography but really it’s the dog’s pool. It’s for Einstein, he loves it.

I can never take a bath without him. There’s no privacy with this dog. I will draw a bath and he can be downstairs, at the opposite end of the house and the moment he hears the faucet turn on, he just appears. He’ll come in and sit next to the rim of the tub and look at me to invite him into the bath. He won’t just jump in, he wants to be invited in. And he’ll just cry until you say ‘Fine!’ and then you have to make room for him to jump into the tub. Once he’s in the tub he wants me to splash water at him, we can’t just sit and relax, I need to entertain him while we’re in the tub. So much for my relaxing bath, now I have to splash my dog!

Anna, I had so much fun with you, Kerry and the dogs! Thanks for trusting me with your story!