I don’t remember the first time I met Wrigley, probably the first time I went over to Carson’s house: Wrigley was immediately my favourite. He’s just so sweet and he loves to play, and I was just in love with him. I tell Carson all the time, that’s why I stay with him, because I love Wrigley.

Chelsea met Carson when they worked together at the Ritz beach resort in 2010. Carson got Wrigley as a puppy when he was in school in North Carolina and found out soon after he’d brought him home that Wrigley was deaf.

Carson’s always saying things like ‘Wrigley, you’re a butt’ and I’m like, “That’s mean! That’s why he doesn’t love you, because you don’t say nice things to him! Just because he can’t hear you doesn’t mean he can’t tell! He can feel the vibrations and they don’t feel good. He can feel negative vibrations and he’s not about that!’

Of all the conversations I’ve had with people about their dogs, I never laughed as much as I did with Chelsea and Wrigley. I don’t know if Chelsea even knows how funny she is or how hilarious her and Wrigley are together.

Here are a few of my favourite Wrigley stories:

“Wake up Chelsea! I have to go out!”

In the mornings if I don’t get out of bed with him, he humps me. He’ll try everything: he’ll scratch at the covers, lick me and be really sweet and, if after all that, I still don’t get up, he’ll hump me. He’ll wrap his paws around my arm and try to hump because he knows that I’ll jump out of bed so fast. I’ll yell: ‘No Wrigley, that’s disgusting!’ then I’m up and he’s like: ‘Got Ya!’


Every day when we go for walks, he makes me laugh because he chases anything that blows in the breeze: leaves, grass, squirrels, he likes to chase those. He runs up to a tree and watch the squirrels run up and he’ll sit at the bottom and he’ll wait. He’ll wait for one to start coming back down and then he’ll leap. I don’t know what he thinks he’s going to do if he actually gets one and I don’t know what I would do if he actually caught one, but he tries.

“I can’t believe you left me!”

When I come home and I’ve left him for the day, he looks really pissed off and he yells at me for the first five minutes that I’m in the house. He squeaks and barks and he’ll follow me around the house so closely yelling: ‘I can’t believe you left me mom! What’s the matter with you? I’ve been home alone all day and now you’re home and I have to go out like really bad and I probably already peed in the house but I have to go out again. I can’t believe you left me!’ It’s kind of like what you heard when you first came over but louder and for longer.

When Carson gets home, he’ll let out like, two barks and then he stops and I’m like ‘How come he doesn’t get yelled at for leaving you home alone all day?’ It’s because I’m his favourite.

“How was your day?”

Sometimes when I leave he’ll cry at the door and it makes me so sad. Carson tells me I coddle Wrigley too much, but I can’t help it, I just love him. I probably talk to him more than I talk to Carson.

I come home and I’m like: ‘Wrigley, Mommy loves you! I missed you so much. How was your day? Did you have a good day? What’s on tv? What are you watching?’ Then, Carson gets home and I’m like: ‘Hey.’

“I can’t take you anywhere.”

You know, I wish we could take him out more but he doesn’t really get along with other dogs so I’m always afraid to have him out in public and he has so much energy, he’s not very well behaved. We took him across the street to The Brass Tap for trivia night once; he was in my lap and then he was on the ground crying and then he was trying to eat my food off my plate because he didn’t want to be on the ground he wanted to be on top of me, and then I’d stop petting him and then he’d start crying, and then there was another dog and then we had to leave. We can’t take him anywhere.

Chelsea, I absolutely loved meeting you and Wrigley! Thank you so much for making me laugh so hard and getting in front of my camera.