Julia is the creator and owner of Bonnie and Co. – handmade pet accessories in Montreal. Every season, I buy new scarves and bowties for Eva May to wear and this new season of snow, glistening trees and sparkly lights is no exception.

When I went to Julia’s place to photograph her and Alice for The Eva Effect, we did the whole session in her living room where she also happens to do all of her sewing for Bonnie and Co.

Alice, Julia’s 11 year old boxer, is one of the sweetest senior dogs I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and photographing.

She loves getting kisses on her neck, she asks for them and when we does she makes the funniest sound almost like purring.

Alice has patience unlike any dog I’ve seen before. She lives with not just one, but two cats; Fernand and Quesadilla, who refused to be left out of the photo session. You’ll see at least one of their little faces as you scroll through the images above.

Thank you to Julia for getting in front of my camera with Alice and especially for keeping Eva and the other pets across Montreal stylish through each new season.