Sonia was a cat person and when she met her partner, Serge, he had a big cane corso named Kandyne.

She was amazing! She’s the dog that made me fall in love with dogs. She helped me understand that they’re always there for you, always happy to see you, always ready to protect you.

When Kandyne passed and Sonia realized how very attached she’d become to her, she knew the right thing to do was to look into getting another dog.

I started to look into adopting an Australian Shepherd. Serge was still sad about loosing Kandyne and had trouble imagining going through the same thing again. For his birthday I decided to bring him to an Australian Shepherd breeder just to see the puppies. I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist and I was right! Six months later we brought home our national Ziggydou!

Sonia is one of the most positive, happiest people I know. Of course, Ziggy brings out even more happiness in her.

Ziggy is always happy, always smiling! You can never be in a bad or sad mood with Ziggy around .. you just need to look at him and WOW your mood changes!

Ziggy, is such a positive and caring force that he had the instincts to care for another puppy.

We babysat a Bernese Mountain dog, Mika, for the 4 first months of her life and so Ziggy was a big help in training her. Mika is my sister-in-law’s dog so at Christmas the whole family was together including the dogs.

At some point we realized Ziggy was munching on Mika’s fur to help remove knots she had. He didn’t stop until all of the knots were removed.  We thought; Wow! He was acting like a mama would act with her baby.

Ziggy is a 3 years old male but, clearly he recognized Mika was in need at 8 months old and took care of her like he took care of her when she was a baby!  His emotional side is very clearly developed and taking care of the ones he loves is one of his biggest strengths.

The interview I do with my clients before each session is honestly, one of my favourite parts of The Eva Effect. Having people answer questions about their dogs allows them to reflect not only on their dog’s wonderful character but theirs as well.

God, this makes me realize how Ziggy is really like me Happy and Big Hearted!

Thank you Sonia and Ziggy for getting in front of my camera and having fun in the snow with me last winter!