Chloe loves most everybody equally, she has a soft spot for my youngest, daughter, my mom, and me. I’m her favourite and that is an undisputed fact.”

Susan came out to the lobby with Chloe, to meet me when I arrived for their session. I came into the building at the same time as a little boy and his mom. Chloe couldn’t help but fall at the boy’s feet and roll right over for belly rubs.

She just falls down and gives her belly to any who looks at her. We could be walking down the street and people on the street will say ‘Your dog’s so cute!’ and she’s just like; ‘Do you want it?’ Like for the love of God, dog, seriously, let him buy you dinner first, calm down.”

When Susan decided to get a dog, and after a subpar experience at a local animal shelter, she reached out to Facebook and a friend told her about the sweet little dog she was fostering.

My friend from Atlanta said, I have this idea for you and it sounds super sketch, but there are some dogs being driven on a dog transport from here to a no-kill shelter up north. For $150 dollars we could put Chloe on the shipment and you could pick her up at 8am at a rest station on the turn pike, I was like this is literally like a drug deal. Because I knew this girl and I knew her work with animals and I’d known her for a lot of my life, I was like I believe that you wouldn’t dog scam me. So that’s what we did, and they brought her to me and I picked her up at a rest stop at 8am on a Sunday morning. My drug deal dog.”

As soon as Susan met her, Chloe made herself right at home.

“She just jumped out of the back of the transport and hopped in my front seat and was like ‘Peace! Let’s go home!”  I knew immediately, she’s my dog. She got in the car and I looked at her and she looked at me and we were like… yeah!”

They say that dogs and their owners mirror each other. This is so true for Susan and Chloe’s relationship. After spending some time with them and getting to know them both, and their relationship, it’s undeniable that Chloe was always meant to be Susan’s dog.

“She has two moods, she’s either on stage or she’s dead to the world and that is the most me, any dog could possibly ever be. She’s either literally in a theatrical event in all points in time or she just doesn’t give a shit about anything.”

Susan and Chloe’s bond is so special. Just in the hour and a half that I spent with them, I could see how much they just get each other.

It’s literally impossible to ever be that unhappy when this dog is around. Even on my absolute worst days, she’s like; ’I know you’re having a shitty day, I’m just going to lay on your face.’ When I’m sick she can tell, she just comes and sleeps next to me. She sleeps on the pillow next to my head, it’s just like having a little constant sunshine that just follows you around every where you go.”

These two are soul mates. Just as so many of the women I’ve connected with and photographed with their dogs are.

“She’s just my beloved. She’s my absolute beloved. She just gets better and kinder and sweeter, the older she gets. She’s about 6 and half now, she’s just an angel, she is an angel puppy, perfect, flawless dog.”

Thank you Susan, for opening your home to me on that balmy July afternoon to photograph you together with your sweet doglove.