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"Erin, you have no idea what these photos mean to me. NO IDEA. I am fulling crying, and not in a pretty way - ugly crying, with big red eyes and a lot of gasping. Thank you so much for these gorgeous images of myself and my doglove. I am so grateful to be a part of your exquisite The Eva Effect."
- Susan & Chloe


 "My dog, Oli, means the world to me and I loved the idea of capturing moment together in the comfort of my own home.  I knew these were souvenirs I’d have forever.  I myself am a bit camera shy and don’t like smiling much in photos, but Erin put me completely at ease and to be honest my favourite photos from the session are of me smiling and laughing because I felt like I could truly be myself!  I will cherish the photos of Oli and myself forever."
- Laura & Oli


"My camera roll is filled with thousands of photos of my dogs, but I’m always the one taking them. l loved getting to showcase the relationship I have with my dogs and see the way they look at me. I’ll remember these moments when my dogs are old and grey!"
- Lindsay, Nanooka & Horse


"Having photos with Hamilton was such a fun experience. His silly little smile and desire to be involved in everything is perfectly captured, and I can’t express how much it means to have our furriest family member represented in photos. Thank you, Erin!"
- Megan & Hamilton


"Even as a photographer, I still get nervous being on the other side of the camera. I have all the insecurities that everyone has, the beautiful thing is that my dog is probably the only person I don’t worry about having to impress in some way, so just spending one on one time with him made the camera insignificant.
I am so incredibly grateful for my pictures, that our relationship has been incapsulated indefinitely. It was honestly the very best gift I could give to myself. To us. To our time on this earth together."
-Kirsten & Mingus


"There are not enough words to express how wonderful the session was. Erin was so loving towards Ash even when he was jumping on her with excitement. She made it feel like we were two friends hanging out with my dog, I totally forgot she was taking photos at the same time. She was so sweet to both of us, made us feel beautiful and reassured my nerves. Honestly, I would hire her again and again and AGAIN."
- Parisa & Ash


"I would highly recommend The Eva Effect! Erin is a fantastic photographer, and she was so great with my dog Harvey. She made both of us feel so comfortable in front of the camera! The pictures really show the deep connection I have with my pup, in way that few people could have captured the way Erin has. I will treasure them forever!"
- Savannah & Harvey


"The Eva Effect is not just about taking pictures, it's also a novel bonding experience between you and your dog that can last a whole afternoon! I figured it's hard to capture the intimacy and relationship in photos, so I wanted to work with an experienced, specialized and sensitive animal photographer who would take genuine shots of my loving friend Samantha and me. Samantha says, "I loved playing in front of Erin's camera with my mom" . How do I know? She gave lots of kisses and her tail never stopped wagging. I will always cherish these photos. Seriously precious!"
- Alya and Samantha


"Erin came in our home and literally just stood back and watched Emma and I interact like it was any other day and the end results were amazing. I have not only some truly beautiful pictures, but some amazing memories that I’ll always have even after Emma is gone. For any dog lovers out there, this experience is definitely a must!
Thank you Erin!"
- Catherine & Emma


"I wasn’t quite sure what to expect before we started. I didn’t know what I should do or whether my dog would behave or not. I’d never had someone come to my home for pictures. It was a little stressful!
Erin was so kind and made us all feel super comfortable. My photos mean everything to me. I love all of them. They captured my love for my dog. They captured his lazy, laid-back personality to a T! We only spent a short time together but it felt like we were friends once she left! "
- Naischa & Jameson


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